Saturday, February 16, 2013

The "Thank you, God!" Challenge....

“THANK YOU, GOD!!” Challenge!!   

I love it when a child prays – they thank God for EVERYTHING, right?  They will go down an extensive list of things for which they are thankful : thank you, God, for the sun; thank you, God, for the flower;  thank you, God, for my crayons, etc. Don’t you love it? (Except when you are starving, and the only thing standing in the way of you and dinner is a prayer…..)  

We should be more like children!  They have a beautiful, simple faith and are so pure and energetic in their love for God! Children have the ability to be grateful for even the most mundane things, and are not ashamed to say so! In Matthew 18:3, Jesus says: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of Heaven.” 

So my challenge today??  Be more childish! J   Spend your day thanking God for everything that matters to you.  The tree, the sunshine, your beat up car, your husband that is being a little grumpy, the food on your plate, fresh air – you get the picture.  He gives us so much – and we don’t thank him nearly enough!  See how much brighter your day becomes when you spend your time looking for something to reasons to thank and praise God! 

Do you want the ADVANCED challenge??  Try turning something that is troubling you, or something you dislike into a cause for thanks.  Here’s an example – I hate cleaning the bathroom. It totally disgusts me. So when it is time to clean the bathroom, I find myself grumbling and complaining.  Here’s how I try to turn that around on bathroom cleaning day – Thank you, God, that I have indoor plumbing. That my toilet works. That I have the extra money to buy a surplus of cleaning supplies that are easy to use and smell good.  That I have the dogs I love (who are unfortunately leaving hair for me to clean up). That I have a husband whom I love (even when he sometimes hits the rim of the toilet instead of the bowl…). And mostly – THANK YOU GOD FOR SWIFFER AND FEBREZE PRODUCTS!! (I seriously do thank God for them, I love those products – they almost make cleaning house fun??)  See what I mean? In ALL things, we can give thanks.  (And yes, I will get deep. When we suffer from sickness or loss, we can still thank God – He encourages us to lean on him as he gently heals and comforts us.) 

So back to being childish for the day!!  Will you accept the challenge?  If so, can you tell us how it went for you today???   

Have a blessed day, friends!
Thank you, God for providing for us......

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